Paleo Coconut Mocha

Paleo Coconut Mocha

I adore coffee! So much so, that I don’t go a single day without it. Sometimes having 4-5 cups a day!

Here is a story that will show you how crazy addicted I am to coffee…on my last two years of college I had a coffee ritual I would not dare to break.

Sometime during my day (preferably during lunch time), I would go to my favorite local coffee shop in Boise named “Java”. I would park my car, grab my wallet and walk into the smell of strong and oily coffee beans (oily coffee beans are the way to go, coffee turns out amazing). I would always spy and see who the barista was…I had my favorites, and if those people weren’t there, I would just come back later. Literally…I would grab my car, drive away, go about my day, and return until I found one of my favorite baristas working.

My coffee had to be perfect…and believe me, I was picky. The coffee I would order was particularly trickier to make, because of its many ingredients. It was called “the bowl of soul”, and I drank a 12 oz cup every day. No skipping. It was Java’s signature drink and people knew the coffee house for that drink, calling it “the home of the bowl of soul”. It was this Mexican chocolate mocha made with real Mexican chocolate and topped with nutmeg, cinnamon and homemade whipped cream. Oh gosh, their whipped cream. Talk about sinful. It was amazing. A true treat. I would carefully sip on it, trying to make it last as long as possible. I wanted to enjoy the whipped cream for as long as I could. I know I could’ve easily asked for more, but I didn’t want to overdo my calorie intake. I mean, common, a girl’s gotta know her limits.

The other day I was curious as to know how much money I had spent just on those little devils, so I started making calculations. I wish I never calculated. The amount I spend at Java JUST for coffee, was depressing. In a period of two years, I spent $1,277.50 for my daily coffee dose. I couldn’t believe it! Never again! What a waste of money! I could’ve bought a brand new Apple laptop with that amount. Big BOO!

My solution? Make my own coffee at home. It made total sense; I could save up on money big time and let go of all the unneeded sugars.

Today, I just drink black coffee with a tablespoon of almond milk, which is quite the opposite of the bowl of soul. Black, bold and simple. Ahh, love me some bold coffee. Sometimes, however, I’ll crave something fancier, like a….coconut mocha for example. I made a Paleo approved one last night…believe me, you’ll want to try it out!

Paleo Coconut Mocha
Prep time
Total time
This Paleo Coconut Mocha is extremely easy and quick to make. It's frothy, satisfying and good for you.
Recipe type: Drinks
Cuisine: American
Serves: 16 ounces
  • 12 oz of fresh brewed coffee
  • ½ cup full fat coconut milk
  • 2 tbsp raw cacao powder
  • 2 tbsp honey
  1. Add all ingredients to a high speed blender, and blend on high until frothy.
  2. Pour in a mug, sprinkle cinnamon on top and enjoy right away.
Tools you’ll need:
- Powerful blender
- Measuring spoons
- Measuring cups

Paleo Coconut Mocha

Paleo Coconut Mocha

Paleo Coconut Mocha

Paleo Coconut Mocha

Paleo Coconut Mocha

Paleo Coconut Mocha

19 thoughts on “Paleo Coconut Mocha”

    1. Canned coconut milk (with full fat) is a lot thicker than carton coconut milk…making your mocha a bit creamier. If you can, use canned coconut milk 🙂

  1. Wow! This was AMAZING! I’ve recently began my Paleo journey and the one thing I miss the most is my mochas! This really hit the spot! Thank you for this recipe! Your website is absolutely amazing and so inspiring as well 🙂 I love being healthy and eating paleo but trying to get my family(husband and 3 kiddos) on board is tough! We’ve been so used to eating bad processed food that they act like I’m torturing them not having chips, bread and cow’s milk in the house! Lol! Any advice???

    1. Hi Amanda! Great job on changing your lifestyle and following the Paleo diet. You’ll see how great it’ll make you feel! My advice is to keep in hand vegetable/sweet potato chips (the usually have these at organic grocery stores, like whole foods or trader joe’s), dark chocolate chips and bars, fruits, almond/coconut milk, and bake Paleo waffles and muffins (I have a few great recipes on how to make those, so be sure to check them out!)

  2. I love coffee so much that a creamy and sugary cup of coffee is my choice of a cheat meal. I just tried this recipe and it’s so delicious! Hmmm…now I’ll have to try not to drink too many of these.

    1. Tips: Try eating as many different types of vegetables as you can (to get the appropriate vitamins and nutrients your body needs). 🙂 Eat a high protein diet (have protein 4-5 times a day), limit fruit to 1-2 a day, and be careful not to consume too many “paleo” approved treats. Other than that, have fun and enjoy all the delicious Paleo approved recipes. 🙂

  3. Hi, I just started and realize the one thing I miss the most is the local coffee shop’s Almond Joy iced coffee, where can I get the drinking cocoa? Thanks!

  4. We have Java here in Coeur d’ Alene too and I have been heartbroken without my BOS. I am SO EXCITED to try your version. Thank you in advance! 🙂

    1. Hi Jill! 🙂 Ahhh, the amazing Bowl Of Soul! I love that drink so much! I will allow myself to have it as a huge treat like once a year…the cheat is totally worth it, haha! Let me know what you think of this recipe; I hope you like it!

  5. This was amazing! I’ll just cut the recipe in half next time because I wasn’t able to drink it all 😉

  6. Oh my gosh!! I made this in my kitchen last week of my own creation and it was AMAZING!! So much better than Starbucks! I decided to google paleo mocha and found your recipe!! I did the same thing, but I steamed my coconut milk with a wand! This is so yummy!! Love your website by the way!!!

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