Buckwheat Cacao Granola (Gluten-Free!)

By now, you guys know that I am a huge sucker for granola. I’ve shared various granola recipes on the blog before, and now I have a new one for ya: Buckwheat Cacao Granola. WHOOP WHOOP!

In my blogging years, I have posted…

Three Paleo granola recipes:

One gluten-free granola recipe:

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All of which all are And, guys, believe me when I say that I eat some of these on the daily. On. The. Daily. I absolutely love snacking on granola by the spoonful, or on fruit bowls, or on smoothies or with non-dairy yogurts.

Apart from these granola recipes I’ve already posted on Amazing Paleo, I have two more delicious gluten-free granola recipes that I must (no, need) to share with you guys.

One of which I am sharing today!

Buckwheat Cacao Granola (Gluten-Free!)

Are you stoked? I certainly am! Because this means you get to try one of my current granola favorites: Buckwheat Cacao Granola! I have a huge bag of this Buckwheat Cacao Granola in my home, and guess what? No one is allowed to touch it. It is ALLLLLL mine. Okay, sometimes I’ll sprinkle some on my hubby’s smoothie bowl…but just sometimes (wink wink). Haha. That’s how much I love this stuff. LOVE.

Buckwheat Cacao Granola (Gluten-Free!)

Wanna know why I love this Buckwheat Cacao Granola SO MUCH? Here is why:

About one and a half years ago I was having the worst stomach issues. I could not keep weight on me, no matter how much I ate, as I could not hold anything in. It was so embarrassing, to the point where I couldn’t go anywhere. Like for example, when invited over to a friend’s house for dinner, after we ate, I would run to the bathroom and just puke it all up. How horrible is that, right?! I felt so bad, because, what sort of compliment was that for the cook? Yah. Just terrible.

For months, I was going to doctor after doctor and getting all sorts of exams done to try to figure out what was wrong with me. My stomach was super bloated, I was skinny AF, and I felt sick every single day. After what felt like ten blood tests later, no one could tell me what was going on. UNTIL, I went to a nutritionist (her name is Erin Rae, and she is the BEST — this is where you can find her if you live in the Boise area and are in need of a nutritionist) and she recommended I take this one blood test to check my food sensitivities.

The blood work would test over one hundred and fifty foods to see which ones I am personally more sensitive too. It would give you levels of sensitivity, where red is “stay away at all costs”, yellow is “try not to eat” and green is “go ahead and enjoy”.

When the tests came back I was shocked. The results said I was incredibly intolerant to almonds. ALMONDS, guys! Like, the Paleo staple almonds. I was eating almonds everyday in all sorts of forms: raw, flour, butter, etc. That was it! What I needed to do was to stay away from this ingredient from then on. Also, other reds, apart from the almonds, were: dairy and wheat. Which, duh. Of course I knew that! All Paleo folk know that dairy and wheat are no go. The test just reinforced this to me.

Erin wanted to bring my body back to a state of no-inflammation, so she recommended that I ate only twenty ingredients from my “green” list for two weeks, and nothing but those ingredients. So, there I was, for two weeks, eating only twenty ingredients. Of which one was sea salt. So that just tells you how limited I was.

Luckily, my least inflammatory twenty ingredients were pretty awesome, I was able to eat: chicken, eggs, tuna, sole, bananas, strawberries, lemons, coconut, avocados, spinach, zucchini, celery, honey, maple syrup, cinnamon, cacao, sunflower seeds, cashews, buckwheat and sea salt. BOOM. I could make so many things with those. And because I have some recipe development experience under my belt, and I was able to get pretty creative with ingredients.

So, I was eating super clean (like, I could not have coffee, wine or even gum) but was missing a few of my favorite things in life. Like, granola! SO, what did I have to do? Get creative with my approved ingredients. Heck yeah. This is how this amazing Buckwheat Cacao Granola recipe came to be.

Buckwheat Cacao Granola (Gluten-Free!)

I used buckwheat (instead of gluten-free oats), unsweetened coconut flakes, sunflower seeds, cashews, maple syrup, coconut oil, cocoa powder, cinnamon and sea salt. Clean, simple and non-inflammatory. Oh and did I mention, DELICIOUS?

After eating only ingredients that were non-inflammatory to my body, following Erin’s recommendations, I got better! It truly saved me. I was able to retain my food, gain weight again, not be bloated, not cramp (since before I could not retain any nutrients and my body was freaking out), and just felt healthy overall. As a result of this huge win, now I stay as far away as possible from almonds, wheat and dairy (which are my “red-labeled” ingredients), and try not to consume my “yellow-labeled” ingredients as well.

These food sensitivities vary person to person, so if you’re having some weird food reactions or food-related ailments, I highly recommend you get tested for food sensitivities. You might be shocked, just as I was, to learn what’s been harming you.

Buckwheat Cacao Granola (Gluten-Free!)

By the way, if you’ve never tried or heard of buckwheat, buckwheat is a superfood that is not actually a grain nor related wheat (even though you might think so by its name), it is actually the seed of a broadleaf plant related to rhubarb. It is a gluten-free food that has a decent amount of protein and ranks low on the glycemic scale. Cool, huh? So don’t be afraid to eat buckwheat.

If you’re sensitive to gluten or if you’re celiac, you are in no danger here; buckwheat won’t hurt you. It’s actually a fabulous alternative to oats!

This Buckwheat Cacao Granola Recipe is:

  • Crunchy
  • Perfectly balanced (not too sweet)
  • Healthy
  • Chocolate-y
  • Energizing
  • Gluten-free
  • Dairy-free

I highly recommend you eat this Buckwheat Cacao Granola with fruits, non-dairy yogurts or with nut/seed butters. Most of all, I love eating my Buckwheat Cacao Granola on top of bananas and strawberries with a tablespoons each of coconut butter and sunflower seed butter. It’s like a dream in a bowl!

Buckwheat Cacao Granola (Gluten-Free!)
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
This super easy to make Buckwheat Cacao Granola is made with less than ten ingredients & in less than an hour. A wonderful gluten-free recipe that the whole family will love!
Recipe type: Breakfast
Cuisine: American
Serves: 4 cups
  1. Preheat over to 300 degrees
  2. Place dry ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix them well using a spatula.
  3. On a separate mixing bowl, combine wet ingredients well using a spatula.
  4. Mix wet and dry ingredients together.
  5. Place mixture directly on a baking sheet (spread evenly)
  6. Bake for about 45 minutes total; but every 10 minutes, remove the baking sheet from oven, and using a spatula, carefully stir the mixture so that the granola does not get stuck (this will keep the granola from burning).
  7. Once the 45 minutes pass, remove the baking sheet from the oven and let the granola cool completely. Once cool, if you chose to do so, fold in a ½ cup of raisins/dried fruit. Enjoy!
* Keep granola in a closed container. Lasts fresh up to about 4 weeks.
Nutrition Information
Serving size: ¼ cup -- Calories: 345 Fat: 21 g. Carbohydrates: 33 g. Sodium: 145 mg. Fiber: 6 g. Protein: 8 g.

Buckwheat Cacao Granola (Gluten-Free!)Buckwheat Cacao Granola (Gluten-Free!)


Buckwheat Cacao Granola (Gluten-Free!)

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