Week 1 Day 7 Workout

Welcome to Week 1 Day 7 of our 4 Week Workout Program!

This is the seventh day of our training routine, and it’s finally…a rest day! Wohoo, you’ve done a great job this week, congratulations! You’ve worked hard and now you deserve a day full of rest. On the last six days, we’ve targeting all major muscle groups and you are getting stronger and stronger by the rep. Way to be!

Today you get to relax and recover, and do with your free time as you please. I recommend staying active, as it is good to get the heart pumping and the blood flowing. Going on a hike, riding your bike, taking a stroll, or even going shopping, are all great and fun things you can do to remain active.

My husband and I absolutely adore going on bike rides to the grocery store, walking along our city’s river and spending the day outside under the sun.

Do what you love and enjoy it!

Week 1 Day 7 Workout
Week 1 Day 7 Workout

OPTIONAL (but recommended)

Go on a bike ride

Take a long walk

Go for a run

Play a sport

Go on a fun hike

Take a yoga/spinning class

Do 1-4 Tabata circuits

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Week 1 Day 7

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Disclaimer: I am not a professional nutritionist or fitness coach, so do these workouts at your own risk.

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