Week 4 Day 28 Workout

Week 4 Day 28 Workout

Welcome to Week 4 Day 28 of our 4 Week Workout Program!

This is the twenty eighth day of our workout program, and not only is it a rest day, but it is also the very last day of the whole program!

You should feel so proud of yourself for completing all four weeks of this hard, yet very rewarding, training. I know I am; way to be!

So what now? You may ask. Well, now, you can either repeat this program (why not, I did it over and over and over again for over 10 months…loving it every single time), or you can take some of the basic exercises you’ve learned here and create your own workout routine.

I plan on coming out with other 4 week or 12 week programs in the future, so know that those are in the works and that I am right here with you, committed to this awesome fit lifestyle of ours!

If you do plan on re-starting the program, make sure you give yourself a few days to rest and recover. It will do your body good; the body needs rest, and by giving your muscles a break , it will not only do wonders to you physically, but also mentally. Another thing you could do if you wanted to incorporate more rest to your training program, is to follow this same program, but rest every two days…just remember to mark your workouts, so you know where you left of!

It’s been super fun for me to share my workouts with you, I’ve absolutely loved it. Thanks so much for following along, cuties!

Week 4 Day 28 Workout

OPTIONAL (but recommended)

Go on a bike ride

Take a long walk

Go for a run

Play a sport

Go on a fun hike

Take a yoga/spinning class

Do 1-4 Tabata circuits

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Week 4 Day 28 Workout 

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Disclaimer: I am a certified personal trainer, however, since I won’t be there with you physically to check on proper form and weight selection, do these workouts at your own risk. You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting this or any other fitness program to determine if it is right for your needs.

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