23 Paleo Condiments You Should Be Making at Home

23 Paleo Condiments You Should Be Making at Home

If you haven’t tried making condiments at home before, I am here to tell you that you’ve been missing out…and that I see a fun DIY project in your future. ūüéČ

Homemade condiments is where it’s at. Especially if you’re into taste, saving cash and natural ingredients. Yep, that’s you.

It’s really hard to find quality, simple-ingredient based condiments at grocery stores. Either they’re not available or they are really expensive (and rather small for what you pay).

I’ve compiled some of my favorite go-to condiments in this 23 Paleo Condiments You Should be Making at Home blog post. Save it, print it, pin it, share it; have it handy for when you’re in the mood for flavor!

Take a look below, check some of these recipes out and gather the needed ingredients so you can give them a try. Your meals will be epic this weekend, I already know it!


1. Ketchup

Recipe by The Iron You



2. Mayonnaise

Recipe by Amazing Paleo



3. Tzatziki Sauce

Recipe by The Real Foods Dietitians

Tzatziki Sauce

4. Ranch Dressing

Recipe by One Lovely Life

Ranch Dressing

5. Chipotle Ranch

Recipe by Paleo Running Momma

Chipotle Ranch


6. Pesto

Recipe by Amazing Paleo



7. BBQ Sauce

Recipe by Amazing Paleo

BBQ Sauce


8. Thousand Island

Recipe by Little Bits Of

Thousand Island


9. Sour Cream

Recipe by Against All GrainSour Cream


10. Chimichurri Sauce

Recipe by What Great Grandma AteChimichurri Sauce


11. Balsamic Vinaigrette

Recipe by A Spicy PerspectiveBalsamic Vinaigrette


12. Tahini

Recipe by Inspired Taste



13. Aioli

Recipe by Cookie and KateAioli


14. Sriracha

Recipe by 40 ApronsSriracha


15. Hot Sauce

Recipe by Every Last BiteHot Sauce


16. Honey Mustard Sauce

Recipe by Budget BytesHoney Mustard Sauce


17. Guacamole

Recipe by Love and LemonsGuacamole


18. Hoisin Sauce

Recipe by Nom Nom PaleoHoisin Sauce


19. Pico de Gallo

Recipe by Amazing PaleoPico de Gallo


20. Tartar Sauce

Recipe by Natasha’s KitchenTartar Sauce


21. Hummus

Recipe by Amazing PaleoHummus


22. Lemon Vinaigrette

Recipe by Amazing PaleoLemon Vinaigrette


23. Caesar Dressing

Recipe by Amazing PaleoCaesar Dressing



23 Paleo Condiments You Should Be Making at Home

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