14 Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Health Nut

14 Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Health Nut

The international day of love is fast approaching, YAY! Do you guys know what you’re going to do yet? Hence, this 14 Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Health Nut post I am sharing with you today!

See, there are always the typical options, like going out to dinner or to a movie. But, don’t those sound a little lame this year? Especially since we all know that every restaurant is packed on V-Day, and fighting the crowds is not the most fun.

For us, I want this V-Day to be a relaxing experience that is exciting and memorable. I want to look forward to my date this whole weekend and all day on Monday (considering this year’s V-Day lands on a Tuesday).

So, what to do?

Hmmm. Well, let’s see.

I have put some thought into this for at least a few days now, and have complied a few fun options we can all look at for inspiration. I hope these will help spark a fire in helping you craft your ideal hot date this year. So, go ahead and take a looksie below, I’m thinking you’ll find something you’ll really like! We are leaning towards number 5 & 6 on the list (and I’ll be sure to add 12 no matter what!).

Oh, before I forget. If you’re looking into making some yummy goodies to share and spread the love, definitely check out all of these Paleo desserts I have for you on the blog. They’re bomb.



 1. Try a New Sport

Whether it’s tennis, softball, rock climbing or lifting weights, you and your honey probably have one main hobby you each stick to whenever you want to be active. Us personally, we love lifting weights at the gym and getting a good HIIT cardio session in. And because we love those two, we miss out on a lot of other cool activities! So let’s make this Valentine’s Day the day to try something new! There are so many options out there. So be sure to pick based on what you and your honey are craving, what is available in your area, and what the weather will allow this time of year! Some fun ideas: mini golf, horseback riding, bowling, (indoor) soccer, table tennis, rowing, beach volleyball, cycling, skiing and surfing. Soak it all in, and be safe at all times!

2. Go on a Portable Movie Date

This year, instead of going to the packed cinemas on Valentine’s Day, download your favorite movie on your tablet or laptop. And take it with you to a romantic and special spot in your city. You can also pick a location based on the theme of your movie. Here are a few examples. If watching a scary movie, park your car near the train station or near railroad tracks. If watching a romantic movie, park your car at the top of a hill where the city’s lights shine bright. Be creative with this one! Don’t forget to bring a few snacks and some sparkling drinks to make your movie watching extra fun!

3. Take a Favorites Tour

If you and your honey are just getting to know each other, this may be the most exciting Valentine’s Day activity for you! Divide your day (or allotted free time) in chunks of one or two hours. Fill each time chunk with your favorite places, activities and things to do in your city. Pick things that are super special to you, so that your honey can learn more about you and the things you love the most. Plan ahead for reservations, tickets, etc. Then, on Valentine’s Day, take your date on a tour around your city’s favorites and share memories with him/her of why these are so special. Perhaps your honey will get inspired and take you on a Favorites Tour of his/her own soon after. It’s a great way to get connect at a deeper level. How romantic!

4. Explore Your City

Go to that local theater you’ve wanted to check out forever and watch a seasonal play. Listen to live music while sipping a cocktail at a popular lounge or restaurant. Go support your local sports teams by taking your honey to one of their games, and go all out on fun snacks and beverages. Go on a hike, ride your bikes to a favorite restaurant, or take a nice walk while sipping on a spicy mocha. Try one of these or combine three to make it an all-day event!

5. Have an Early Breakfast Date

If Valentine’s Day lands on a weekday (this year, it does), and you can’t skip work to take your honey on an extravagant Valentine’s Day date, don’t fret! Make sure you hit your city’s BEST breakfast joint together early in the morning before going to work. If possible, make reservations ahead of time, get up a bit earlier than usual, and head out to grab a delicious and filling breakfast. Order that meal that makes you giddy and be sure to pair it up with a fun and energizing drink!

6. Recreate Your First Date

Take a stroll down memory lane, and surprise your love by recreating your guys’ first date. You can actually go to the place where your date took place and replay a few of those special moments (ordering the same food and drinks, asking that they play a specific song, wearing that same perfume). However, if that’s not an option, try to recreate your first date at home. Reconstruct the scene by keeping in mind all five senses, and remind him/her of all those small details that made that date oh-so special!

7. Get a Couple’s Workout In

If you and your honey would ideally love to workout together, but due to schedules and priorities, you don’t get to do it as much, then this is for you! First decide when you two want to hit the gym, and then make a game plan so that nothing conflicts with your Couple’s Gym Time! Move meetings around and reschedule appointments, you definitely want to be stress-free to focus on your gym partner (and your gains)! Be sure to agree on a specific workout that you both want to do that day. Remember to take your pre-workout and bring your favorite hydration beverage with you to the gym. Also, don’t forget to plan for that ideal post-workout fuel (this can be as easy as brining your supplements with you, or as fun as going out for some grub together).

8. Cook Side by Side

Of course I was going to suggest this! Food is key ALWAYS, but especially for us foodies. What I love about cooking at home with you honey on Valentine’s Day, is that you get to avoid all the restaurant crowds and pre-set-menus (eww, who wants their food picked out for them on such a special occasion). You also get to work together and enjoy a romantic experience in your kitchen while sipping on wine and kiss as often as you want without worrying about PDA. And last but not least, you get to put together the menu of your dreams! You can even theme your menu, making it an “Italian Night” or a “Fondue Date”. Talk with your honey to see what kind of food you two are craving, and nail down a good menu. You can make it healthy or naughty; that is one hundred percent up to you! Grocery shop and prep ingredients in advance, so your special night goes as smoothly as possible. Oh, and don’t forget to play some romantic tunes to set the mood!

9. Go on a Fancy Pampering Sesh

This one is a no brainer. Who doesn’t LOVE to be pampered? My hubby and I absolutely adore getting massages or facials together, especially in places where we can chill in the spa’s facilities before and/or after. We love using a good spa’s steam rooms, hot/cold pools and salt rooms. If this sounds like a dream to you too, then call your local spas now, see what is available, and book a couple’s spa retreat! You can go as simple as a couple’s massages, or you can do something extra indulgent like pairing up a body scrub with a body treatment and a massage. Make sure you drink lots of water before and after, and perhaps pop open some bubbly to finish off your day of indulgence!

10. Take Dancing Lessons

I know my husband would love this one; he’s such a sucker for all things music and art! But aren’t we all? Little in life is as sexy and romantic as dancing with your date! Dancing to the rhythm makes you feel alive, it brings out your flirtiest self, and allows you to express emotion and desire in a new and honest way. (Is it just me, or is it getting hot in here?!) If you know that you and your honey would enjoy a hot night of salsa dancing or tango, go online and search for local dance studios. If you’re a pro and don’t need dance lessons, be sure to check what local events are going on that night to find the right bar or lounge!

11. Take a Siesta Together

This is another one I know my husband would adore to do for Valentine’s Day. He loves naps and is always asking me to take one with him. I can only nap when I’m sick, so we hardly ever get to do this together…boo. BUT, if you’re not like me and can nap on demand, I highly suggest creating a Valentine’s Day date around a good ol’ SIESTA. How romantic and soothing! Get some food going in the crockpot about 6-8 hours before dinner time, so that you have food ready for when you wake up. Also, be sure to drink a cup of hot herbal tea 20 minutes before taking your nap; grab some blankies, turn on a romantic movie, cuddle with your honey, and sleep. Once you wake up all energized and renewed, open a bottle of your favorite wine, light some candles and enjoy a relaxed crockpot dinner together. Finish the day off with some dark chocolate if it suits your fancy!

12. Show Love Languages Love

This one is probably my favorite one of the whole bunch. My honey and I read the Love Languages book right after we got married, and we discovered that his love language is “touch” and my love language is “acts of service”. We try to keep these in mind at all times, so that we can show each other love in a way we receive it the best. I try to massage, kiss, hug, and hold Preston as much as possible to show him my deep affection for him. And he tries to do random work/favors for me, to show his. Since I receive love through “acts of service”, and I know love through that “language” the best, let me illustrate what that looks like. To us “acts of service” love language people, nothing says “I love you” more than having our honeys do something for us. Having my significant other finish a house project, going to the grocery store or cleaning the kitchen, can be THE biggest gift. So, if you really want to love on your honey this Valentine’s Day, find what their love language is and act on it! Show him/her love in a way they will receive it best!

13. Have Dinner with Friends

We did this last year, and it’s got to be one of my favorite memories of ALL TIME. The husbands of the group did the planning for all of us. They put it all together and surprised us girls with a fantastic dinner made from scratch that went in line with all of our dietary restrictions (one of my friends was Vegan, the other Gluten-Free and I, Paleo). The guys knocked it out of the park; you can read about it here. If this sounds like something you would love, gather a fun group of friends and organize the event in a way, so that everyone gets a chance to contribute to it. One person can lend their house and decorate the dinner table, another does the menu planning, another does the grocery shopping, some do the cooking, another brings the dessert, and another can clean. Oh, and remember to split the grocery and wine bill amongst all couples. You can use this app for super easy and quick reimbursements (we love it and use it all the time).

14. Plan A Trip

Trips — what great memories are made of. Am I right?
Planning a trip may sound like an odd choice for Valentine’s Day. However, if you think about it, the planning of a trip is the first day of a very fun and exciting adventure! Planning a trip can take a lot time, so gifting each other uninterrupted attention and allowing yourselves to spend a few hours exploring options, comparing prices and talking through details, can go a long way! If taking a trip is something you want to do this year, then gift each other a planning session this Valentine’s Day! Grab your laptops, sit at the most comfortable space in your home, grab a favorite drink and snack, and look for that ideal vacay!


14 Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Health Nut

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