Creating New Paleo Recipes Through Bingo

Creating New Paleo Recipes Through Bingo

It’s very easy to cook these days, especially with all the tutorials that people can find on the Internet! All you need are ingredients and a good step-by-step guide, and you can slowly become a better chef. However, if you think looking at recipe books and cooking videos are boring, and you want to brainstorm your own dishes, here’s something that you can do in your kitchen:

The Paleo recipe bingo generator

This game releases the creativity in home cooks, and at the same time creates new dishes for the Paleo diet. All you have to do is print out a blank bingo card. Then, instead of using bingo balls, replace them with small pieces of paper that each contain a food item that people under the Paleo diet eat. It could be names of a fish, seafood, fresh fruit, nuts, eggs, seeds, etc. Make at least 25 small pieces of paper with ingredients written on them.

Now, here’s how you play the game:

Pick 5 pieces of ingredients from your pool of paper. Once you have 5 in your hand, read it and write it down on your bingo card. You can put them anywhere you like. Keep drawing pieces of paper until you have filled all spaces on the blank bingo card. Now, here’s the fun part: decide on a bingo pattern (X, horizontal, vertical, pyramid, etc.) and then mark that pattern on your bingo card. All of the ingredients that have been marked by the pattern will be used in the next dish you cook.

Sound fun? It’s thanks to bingo’s flexibility that allows people to use this centuries-old game for other purposes. Bingo is one of the few board games that has been successfully ported as an online game, and now many other variations exist because of its sheer popularity. So go ahead, keep playing Paleo recipe bingo generator until you can find a trial-and-error dish that you can be proud of making over and over again!

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