How-To: Make Your Own Deodorant

How-To: Make Your Own Deodorant

All my life I’ve been using store bought deodorants. I used to always get tired of their potent smells, of how weird it felt taking a shower and trying to remove that sticky (almost rubbery) feel it left behind, of how it stung when applying it right after shaving…goodness, so many “inconveniences” deodorants would give me. Do you feel the same way about your current deodorant too? Or am I the only crazy one? In any case, if you are a bit unsure about your deodorant and all the ingredients that it carries, then you might want to give this all-natural deodorant recipe a try.

I love it. I have been using it for a little over a year now and my armpits have never felt better! I don’t get rashes of any sort, my armpits never hurt and I never stink! This deodorant wont keep you from sweating, since our bodies are meant to naturally sweat when performing physical activities, but it will sure keep your from smelling eeky.

Knowing that you’re exposing your bodies to only natural ingredients is a wonderful feeling. It’s rewarding…almost soothing.

Have fun following this tutorial on how to make your own deodorant!

How-To: Make Your Own Deodorant
  • 2 tablespoons coconut oil
  • 2 tablespoons arrowroot powder
  • 2 tablespoons baking soda
  • 8 drops of your favorite essential oil for fragrance (optional) -- if using, avoid citrus ones to prevent staining; I usually go with mint or lavender.
  1. Add all of your ingredients (except essential oil drops) to your mixing bowl, and using your spatula, combine all of these ingredients well (make sure you mix in the coconut oil pretty well, so that there are no major coconut oil lumps left).
  2. If you choose to add essential oil drops, add these in now and mix well with spatula.
  3. Pour mixture into small container and cover with lid. Voila! Done. It’s that simple. Now you have a really great and natural homemade deodorant. Isn’t that just AMAZING?
Tools You’ll Need:
- Small mixing bowl
- Measuring spoons
- Spatula
- 1 small container with a tight lid

Apply a small amount (pea sized) every morning before starting your day!

How-To: Make Your Own Deodorant

How-To: Make Your Own Deodorant

How-To: Make Your Own Deodorant

6 thoughts on “How-To: Make Your Own Deodorant”

    1. Hey Tiffany! I don’t. It is a great idea though, so thanks for brining it up! Hopefully I can make it happen soon for you guys; I really think it would make it easier to shop for the right groceries and follow my recipes. 😉

  1. I think it’s awesome that you’re blogging about more than just recipes. This is something I’m going to try this week. I wonder how effective it will be…thanks for the idea!

  2. Just made this without any scent because the coconut oil smells amazing. I regularly go to the gym and it really does work. I really recommend trying this. And coconut oil works great as a sunscreen too 🙂

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