Amazing Paleo Diet Infographic

Is that Paleo? A Quick Paleo Diet Guide (Infographic)

I’ve prepared a quick paleo diet guide for your enjoyment!

First off, I don’t like to consider Paleo an actual “diet”,  I see it as more of a lifestyle. This paleo diet guide is going to show you the basics of the paleo diet and how it can be incredibly easy to follow. Throughout this site you’ll also find amazing paleo recipes to help you in whipping up some enjoyable and healthy paleo recipes, it’s easier than you think. You also don’t have to cut out all carbs, you just have to make sure you are getting the right types of carbs, and those are the slow-digesting carbs that have a less dramatic effect on your insulin levels.  There are many misconceptions with the paleo diet like eating raw meat (YUCK!) and the fear that it doesn’t support sustained energy, that’s false on both counts, especially the eating raw meat one, yikes!

Paleo Diet Guide Infographic - Amazing Paleo

So what are the most common foods in a paleo food plan?  Well, there is tons of variety and all the ingredients are simple, delicious, and equally healthy.  Of course it’s tough to be “on your game” so-to-speak all the time and I do have my cheat meals here and there but when I am following a strict paleo food plan I can see the results. I tend to get leaner and stronger and still feel the freedom of eating delicious foods without feeling guilty.

Healthy Fats

I’ve found that my body needs and craves these healthy fats on a daily basis.  They help keep me feeling full and are a good source of energy during my workouts. Coconut, palm, olive, avocado, animal, nut and seed products (oils, butters, flours, etc.) fit in in this category.

Veggies and fruits

This is one of the best parts of the paleo diet guide, you can eat ALL the veggies you want! Fruit is also allowed for paleo eaters but in moderate amounts. I would probably say my mix of fruits vs. veggies is 30% / 70% with veggies being the 70%.  I just love my veggies! However, I do find myself eating lots of berries and bananas, especially in some of my delicious paleo smoothies…man, I love those drinks!


If you’re all about soy-based, manufactured protein you’re out of luck. We only go for the real deal in the paleo diet guide. Grass fed beef? Check! Hormone-free chicken? Check! You can also enjoy other proteins like fish, lamb, venison and pork. One of my favorite choices of protein are eggs, the ENTIRE egg.  Skimping on the yolk can mean you’re missing out on a lot of healthy fats and nutrition.


I know it might seem painful but these are not allowed. That includes rice, crackers, breads, etc. Some find that grains can cause inflammation in their systems and give discomfort.  I had discomfort for years and never realized that it all was rooted in the grains I was consuming. Since cutting these processed foods out, I have more energy and feel less bloated on a daily basis.


These are things like peanuts and beans and are not part of the paleo food plan. Again, similar to grains, these can irritate the digestive system and cause discomfort.


Another party pooper, I know. I used to love the taste of dairy but definitely don’t miss how it made me feel. However, there are many dairy substitutes that I use in my recipes, one of my favorites is almond milk. Here is a post for how to make your own almond milk. Trust me, you can still make some delicious paleo recipes without dairy.


Just because you are thinking of going paleo, it doesn’t mean you have to give up eating “sweet thing” in fact, the opposite. You just need to avoid artificial sweeteners and add sweetness to your foods and recipes from natural sources. Some of the natural sweeteners in nature are pure maple syrup and honey. Again, sweeten your foods sparingly.  Too many sweets, even if they are natural, can still result in rapid weight gain.


Although it’s hard to justify alcohol being ideal for your health and fitness goals, there are some paleos that like to enjoy wine or tequila (party time!).  Again, do this in moderation, if at all.

Well that’s it for me.  Hopefully you enjoyed the quick paleo diet guide I put together and the infographic that goes along with it.  Maybe pin the infographic to your Pinterest or follow us on Pinterest so you don’t lose the quick guide!  Now get started and enjoy some delicious paleo recipes!

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