How-to: Make Homemade Cashew Flour

How to Make Homemade Cashew Flour

I have a super easy tutorial for you today! One that teaches you how to make homemade cashew flour in your handy dandy food processor. It’s quick, simple and super convenient, so I think you should definitely save this one and use as needed.

Apart from making your cashew flour taste and feel very fresh, this homemade version helps you keep more dollars in your pocket. You only need to buy raw cashews instead of paying for those expensive pre-packed cashew flours. And if you use cashew flour or almond flour often to make your favorite paleo recipes, you’ve probably realized that purchasing these flours at the store (or online) can add up a few $$ to your monthly grocery bill. So let’s get rid of that unnecessary cost, shall we?

I probably follow this tutorial once a month, making about three cups of cashew flour at a time. That is about as much as we consume of it at home. Obviously, if I run out, I just make more! Sometimes I make more recipes using cashew flour and sometimes I make less, just totally depends on my mood, you know what I’m sayin’? But in all seriousness, it’s as simple as that. Raw cashews + food processor = fresh cashew flour.

The key is to always have raw cashews available in your home. That way, you can bust them out and make fresh cashew flour on demand. Like a boss. Like a paleo chef boss.

Make it and be sure to share with me, in the comment section below, what recipes you’ve used it for! I’d love to know how you use your cashew flour. Happy flour making!

How-to: Make Homemade Cashew FlourHow-to: Make Homemade Cashew FlourHow-to: Make Homemade Cashew Flour

How-to: Make Homemade Cashew FlourHow-to: Make Homemade Cashew Flour


How-to: Make Homemade Cashew Flour

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